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Mobile application to help identify which plants can help cure or alleviate certain health problems.

palette de couleur
exemples de typographies
icônes pour health and herbs

The icons were made with watercolour to give the design a natural aspect.

Page d'accueil de l'application


Since the application has personal information about the user, it’s important to include a home page with a secure password.


1Profile and details available

2-Search section

3Plants that a person possesses

-Health problems

The application sends notifications depending on the type of plants that a person has, to remind them to water their plants or to give it sunlight.

Page recherche de l'application


1-Profile and details available at any time during the navigation of the different pages.

2-When you start writing a letter in the search bar,
the search engine automatically eliminates
the plants or the health problems that do not start with the first written letter.

3-Health problems as well as plants appear and
the icons identify if it is one or the other.

Application présentée sur plusieurs cellulaires